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Kitchenaid KEBC107 Oven No Heat

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 My kitchenaid oven stopped heating. The display just stays on LO.  It happened once before and then just started working after a day or two. The fan, lights, and everything else seems to be working fine.
    I tested the thermostat-thermofuse behind the panel on the back and it was closed(ohm meter showed a circuit).   The two red wires going to the lower heating element had no voltage. It's about a year old and has never been in self-clean mode.   Any advice would be helpful.
   the picker

Model Number: KEBC107KBL0

what's the letters and numbers after the model number ?

does the BROIL or CONVECTION heat work ?

  Thank you for the response. The full model number is KEBC107KLB.  I could not get heat from any mode.  I even tried dehydrate and bread raising modes.

I couldn't find KEBC107KLB
 Could it be a KEBC107KBL ?

It could be a bad DOUBLE LINE BREAK RELAY (not on KEBC107KBL0)  on the electronic control board. The relays are not normally replaceable (unless you can solder and find a replacement).

Depending on which model you have:

You could test it by jumpering the CORRECT 2 RED wires on the control board.

The controller is part #4456033

 It is KEBC107KBL, my fault.
 Thanks a lot.  Does replacing the control panel  require soldering?


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