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ge washer leaks once a month


Hi I have a basic  ge washer once a month it will leak about2-3 quarts of water at a time. but when i try to watch each cycle not a drop of water. so it randomley does this once a month and inbetween it does not leak at all??  yuk any suguestions r there any ge experts out there on this model??  tks  JPG

Model wcsr2090daww

are you watching the washer with the front panel off?
that machine usually retains a fair bit of water inside the cabinet before any water hits the floor

also watch washer agitate and make sure the inner basket isn't spinning while the machine agitates(ge trannies do this when they go)

Chck the tub movement with your hand. The sabilizer bungie straps may be broken or weak. Especially on heavy loads.


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