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How do I check Frigidaire washer timer?

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I have the timer out of this Frigidaire FWS235RFS6 washer. The pump was not working. How do I check the timer to see if it is the timer and not the pump. Can I check the pump by using jumpers? Do I access the pump from the front?
Any help is much appreciated.

Take your can apply voltage to the pump or just check for 120 volts at the 2 wires when the machine is supposed to be draining.

Why would you remove a timer if the pump was not working?

Put everything back in and just do a voltage check with your meter. You do have a meter, right?

The timer would not continue it's cycle when it came to the pump sequence.I removed the timer to check for continuity figuring that it might be bad contacts?.
If you could tell me pin numbers for the pump motor on the timer  I could check for continuity.
The timer came easily,10 minutes?Thought that would be the easiest to check first.

If you want help figuring this thing out, do it the way we recommend, please. After all, we see these machines on a daily basis and are trained on what to check and how. Regardless of how your mind perceives this situation, we don't remove the timer to check for a suspected bad pump. For that matter, we don't remove the timer to check the timer, either. It's all easily done with both components in place.

You can tell if the timer is bad simply by looking for voltage at the pump when the timer is set to spin and the unit is running. No voltage, bad timer. Voltage but no pumping, bad pump.

Timer contacts do not test well because they tend to open under a load, not while being tested on a bench. Voltage checks at the individual components are the easiest way to determine if the control is doing its job or not.  There is a tech sheet with the wiring diagram inside the cabinet of your machine if you wish to check the timer your way before proceeding. If you cannot find your tech sheet, the wiring diagram is HERE.

If you wish to check the pump correctly, the entire service manual is HERE

I did what you said and I did not get a voltage reading at the pump.I then supplied current to the pump and it did operate.
So I have a new timer coming.
Thanks for the instant response and directions.
Ex-pro Electrician.
P.S. That is probably why I went at it differently!
Always kind of enjoyed working on appliances(that's all they are is a bunch of switches and motors) and with this forum it made it easier,then guessing on some stuff that I have to figure out.


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