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Kenmore Elite - fridge compartment freezing

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Refrigerator compartment is far too cold; everything freezing. Repair guy said problem was electronic control, so I replaced it. No change. Reading posts (e.g., this) on ApplianceJunk boards leads me to suspect that the problem is either that (a) the damper is broken or stuck in the open position, allowing cold air to flow endlessly from freezer into fridge compartment; or (b) thermistor in fridge compartment is disconnected or malfunctioning.

This parts diagram shows the thermistor as item #5, but I cannot determine the location.

And I'm not even sure where to look for the damper or what part # it is.

Advice on the diagnosis -- and the location of these parts -- would be appreciated.

Model 106.74209402

There was a loose thermister in the freezer compartment on the last thread i read about this.

Thanks. Can you tell me where the thermistor is located? In the diagram, it's vertical. Is it behind the air duct cover (part #36)?

Another symptom I should have noted: the compressor runs continuously.

The thermister in the fresh food comprtment needs to be replaced. It is item #5 in your diagram, and is part # 2188820

Located in the control housing inside the fridge. The one for the freezer my be ok. The compressor runs because the fresh food section is not registering the cold air properly and thinks it is too warm.


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