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I am having a problem with  my may tag  Model lde8414ace dryer.  When pressing the start button it makes a buzzing noise. The dryer was working and then all of a sudden it stopped doing anything.  I did notice that the lint holder is missing but i used one from a prev. dryer temporarily to see it the dryer would even work.  Oh by the way i am a single mom of 5 all dryers that i have, have been given to me.  So i pretty much have to troubleshoot and make do with what i have.  

Hi mommyof5,

This type of maytag with the lint screen in the door tend to get items pulled down into the fan wheel.

If your lucky you will be able to remove the lint filter and look down in there with a flashlight and remove what ever fell down in there.

A lot of times the front of the dryer has to be removed to get the item out as it will wrap tight around the fan blade stopping the motor.

Let us know what you find,

reach in and turn the tumbler by hand. Hard to turn? Could be the wheels need oiling or the idler.It could be something in the blower housing has gotten behind the wheel. Remove the front panel for a closer inspection. Remove the blower wheel and give the dryer a good oiling and cleaning. To get the front panel off you must pop the top first. Then remove 2 screws and unplug the dryer door switch. The wheel has a horshoe clip and a squeeze clamp that needs to be removed first. then the wheel slides right off. check to see if the motor turns freely. The buzzing is usually a bearing rubbing against the shaft of the motor what we in the business call polling out. If that is the case you will need a new motor and it will cost about 150 bucks. Which is worth it on this dryer.This particular dryer is pretty good when working properly.


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