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Frigidaire not producing ice


brian sutton:
Frigidaire FRS26RLECSG refrigerator. Just changed my water filter this week and now my ice dispenser is not dispensing ice. It was cycling or rotating the other day but again no ice. Now I'm not even sure if its rotating. I have water dispensing fine though. Can I pour water directly into the maker to test if it will make ice? Then if it does, is it the water valve that needs to be replaced? Any help would be appreciated, have a lot of kids in and out of my house, not to mention we live in south florida (HOT!!!)

remove the plastic injector tube that goes through the back wall of the fridge, the valves can leak slightly right after a filter change, this slight leak with no real pressure behind it will cause the small amount of water to freeze in that tube blocking the water fill to the ice maker

you twist the tube to unlock it, then it pulls out, try to blow through the tube, if its blocked thaw it with some hot water and reinstall

if this tube freezes repeatedly you will have to change the water valve

post back if you find that tube was not obstructed

brian sutton:
Hey thanks a lot. Well I tried your suggestion. No obstruction. I disconnected the water line for the ice and there is no water coming out of it. Do I need to replace the water valve then? 

you need to be certain the icemaker is still rotating and trying to fill

you can test icemaker by gently pulling up on the ejector tines to force it to start its next cycle, after the icemaker starts its rotations(sometimes it will rotate twice before it fills) you should hear the valve at the back humm as the icemaker tries to fill with water(this happens just before the tines stop at the 9 o'clock position)

first make sure there is no ice in the icemaker mold and no cubes jamming the ejector

also friggy had a batch of icemakers a while back that jammed just before the bucket arm came all the way back down

the bucket arm should come to rest flush against the side of the icemaker, if you lift up on it and let it spring back down gently you should hear a faint click from the microswitch inside the icemaker

try that and post back, next tests are a lil more involved

brian sutton:
I disconnected the water valve and cleaned it, only to find out I had to order this part online. I reinstalled it and...well we have ice now. I appreciate the help.


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