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Affinity Stuck On Pause


I went to wash a load on deep clean cycle and it stopped during wash cycle. Display says its on pause. Timer says 1:50. I hold down the select and options button for 5 seconds and I get the ERR. I hit anything else I get ERR. I unplugged it over night thinking it might clear itself but it's still on pause. This happened once before and by unplugging it over night it was ok. Not happening now. Any ideas? I looked through the manual but nothing on what to do when its stuck on pause all you get is ERR.

Thanks in advance.

Model LTF7000ES

I forgot to add that the door is not locked.

Nevermind, I figured it out. I unplugged the pressure switch, plugged it in to the outlet, heard the door lock, unplugged it from the outlet, plugged the pressure switch back in, plugged the washer into the outlet and now its fine. Thanks anyways.


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