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Not defrosting.. replaced a few things but I don't know how to continu

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Ok. so I got the dreaded not defrosting issue.. heater looked black so I replaced it and the defrost thermostat (the really round one with orange/pink wires).  It is still not defrosting, I have done what checks I think I should.  I am getting 23ohms on the heater and I get continuity through the whole ciruit, but I never see 120v.  On the board on the plug marked continuity (where the orange where goes) I noticed everything does a continuity check to ground except grey and yellow, I'm not sure where these go yet and I don't know if it's an issue.  

I don't know if the thermister is good at the top of the evaporator and I'm not 99% sure I know how to check.   I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions besides just replacing the board.

I did put the fridge in thermister test mode but I don't know how to decode the results.


So I found the manual (on here thank you) that described the tests results.  It says Number 1 failed, (0 1) Number 5 failed, but I'm not sure what the failure code was.. it kind of looked like a p with out a piece of it (not sure hot to explain).

Will the freezer thermistor keep it from defrosting?

Replace the main control board.

You don't think there's a bad thermister? I thought that would keep it from defrosting?

First, I would like to thank Roy from another board who helped me fix mine.
If this one is anything like the one I was working on, at the bottom of the board in the back are connectors(1 or 3) for L1, Defrost and Compressor.

Being extremely careful, disconnect the compressor connection(so it doesn't pop a circuit breaker while testing the heater), leaving the L1 and defrost connected.

If you jump out the Defrost and L1, you are sending power directly to the heater. If the heater works, the board is bad. If the heater doesn't work, the only thing that would prevent it from coming on is the defrost thermostat(at the top of the evap coil- on mine pink-orange wire) is open. Jump out the defrost thermostat and if this doesn't work, it's the heater.

If you have 120v at the heater but no heat, it's the heater.


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