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Question for appliance repair techs

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Is this the same All-Dolly you are talking about?

I do it the redbeard way. lol...

Just kidding. :)

The All-Dolly looks cool.

Yeah, the All-Dolly looks handy.

Dass' it. Mine paid for itself on the first Wolf double oven I had to pull out and replace both hidden bake elements. If you're in the business, you're going to need one sooner or later. Highly recommended, I have yet to find an installation where I couldn't easily remove any oven (corners, next to walls, etc.). It seems safer than using a second helper as it never gets tired or acts unpredictably. (No, no, my left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I take two saw horses and piece of plywood or  two 2X12X24" planks. I then set the horses and wood up off to the side to make a table.  Then pick up the dryer and set in on the table I've created. With the dryer at waist height it's easier to pick up and hoss back on top of the washer when you're done. Not as easy as the all dolly but cheaper for the entry level guys. I've found as long as you keep the dryer above knee high it easier to handle.


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