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As you may have heard the last big Powerball winning ticket was sold in Winner, SD.

I'm not much of a gambler and I hardly ever buy a powerball ticket, but tonight I have five powerball tickets in my pocket for tonight's (May30,09) drawing. :)

My number for tonight are....

07,20,26,35,49 Powerball 38

17,42,48,54,56 Powerball 18

10,11,35,42,52 Powerball 01

05,34,39,41,59 Powerball 10

02,03,29,42,56 Powerball 28

Do you play the powerball?

What would you do if you won the big jackpot?

I play powerball every once in awhile. I don't have any tickets for tonight's drawing.
If I ever won the big powerball jackpot I would by JW a new computer. :)

Al Capone:
I play all the time, good luck.

Never play, never win.

i play our version up here, ours never gets to the huge amounts the powerball does, think recently it was 42 million which was a largest 649 draw ever

but on the other hand, up here its all tax free


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