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Wax Ring replacement

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Why doesn't anyone tell you that it is much easier to take the tank off the toilet when trying to put it back on the studs, after replacing the wax ring?

How do you get the tank off with it so close to the wall? I need to know this. I ain't no plumber.

Most of the tanks are held on by two bolts, usually with wing nuts. In this case though, I removed the entire toilet, scrapped the old ring off the floor and bottom of the throne. All while moving a towel around because I had put it down in the pipe to prevent sewer gas from clouding the room. Then I argued with it trying to line the studs up with the holes in the flange on the bottom of the toilet. Walked away for a minute to gather my thoughts, then it dawned on me to just remove the darn tank! It was so much easier, especially since I was by myself. I just could not get the studs lined up while holding the toilet. BTW I am far from a plumber, but I'm not going to let a $4 wax ring cost me a $200 plumber service call!


don't use wax ... use Neoprene


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