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We have a Frigidaire FSC23F7DSB7 refrigerator that stopped cooling. This afternoon the temperature starting climbing rapidly and stopped around 58 degrees F. A repairman came to look at it a little while ago and said the control board and the thermostat need to be replaced, for a total of $289. Is this an alright price? I don't mind paying it if it will fix it.

He had to go in through the freezer and take off the  back wall panel and the coils there were all frozen up and then he slid the control board out from under the fridge and that is how he determined this.

Thanks for any help.

It's probably a bad main power board, part # 241511101

Well he did test something with a meter around where the thermostat is so I guess that's fine. As far as replacing the board, I could do it, as I have done minor repairs with the water dispenser lever, but since the guy is coming to do the thermostat I guess I might as well just let him do it.

Okay, new predicament. The guy came by with the new control board and thermostat. He plugged the new control board in and the lights were flashing on and off and the temp readout was showing E for freezer and F for the refrigerator.  He said that he was told this board would be compatible in that he wouldn't have to replace the UI (User Interface) as well. He said that replaces that UI also requires a Frigidaire tech to come and enter a special code as well. He said total repairs would be over $600, which is new refrigerator time as far as I am concerned. Is this all correct? What do I do from here?

Sorry to make so many replies in a row, but I forgot to mention that on the board he replaced with, the part number was 241511111 and the board that was there already was 241511101

There was a paper that came with the 11 replacement board that said you had to replace the UI if you had the 01. So something just clicked in my head, why was he not using an 01 board?

Frigidaire Refrigerator UI Control Board Part # 240596702


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