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Author Topic: Craftsman Ratcheting Magnetic Screwdriver Giveaway: 5/16/09 - 5/22/09  (Read 28432 times)

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Hey I've been a member since this forum opened. I actually remembered when this forum was started. Anyway keep up the good work and let me in the raffle
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Hey please pick me I really need it, I have completely worn out my Craftsman 15-n-1 screw driver.  I could give it a good workout, from appliance repair to mechanic work on the gas trucks, it won't get rusty.

Offline Bratvold

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I'm honest.  I just want this screwdriver.  I would use it a lot though. :D

Offline YossiD

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Saves a lot of space in the toolbox.

Offline edlyons

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I can never have enough screwdrivers. edlyons

Offline regalg1

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I do not have a Craftsman Ratcheting Magnetic Screwdriver and I would like to be placed in the drawing. The reason I would like to have this tool is because it would make fixing my appliances a lot easier.

Offline ruadhainwolf

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I could definitely use this, craftsman tools are the best!

Offline maypo52

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You can never have enough tools! :D
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I love the replaceable tip drivers.  When the tip wears out, the tip is all that goes to the landfill.  They save a lot of space in the toolbox too.  I would love to have a Craftsman for the free lifetime replacement.  This should be the last one I have to buy and it's free. O0

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I like stuff
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