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Author Topic: Craftsman Ratcheting Magnetic Screwdriver Giveaway: 5/16/09 - 5/22/09  (Read 28378 times)

Offline f1tech

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Craftsman tools are the first and last you ever have to buy.  I would never have to purchase another screwdriver again.

Offline TJW

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I'll check it out. If it's good and will make a frequent task easier, I'll buy one if I don't win it.

Offline purpie

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Oh, please! I would love to give it to my son who is trying to get a job as an electrician. He's almost 30 I I dream of the day he can support himself!

Offline fullerdan27

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  • Looking for a little help
looking to replace my 5 in one for a better one. Plus it could hurt to use something that will help my corporltunnel. Plus how can you beat free. :D


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Ah yes. Its 4:30 and you just got home. Off go the work boots and into the chair at your computer desk. You punch the on button to fire up the ole trusty computer, and nothing. No power no fans, nothing!
Well NUTS!
But hey your a serious computer geek, and you can fix anything too.
You open the desk drawer to get your favorite screwdriver ( the one that doesnt strip out every other screw), and it isnt there! Now who would have taken it. It was put back there just like you always do. Its not in the other drawers, its not in the kitchen junk drawer, and the prime suspect (your loving spouse) is at the super mall in the big city 40 miles away. Well we all know she wont be back anytime soon.
Well this really sucks. No computer, no screwdriver (at least one that you would want to use on your pride and joy).
Hmmmmm I guess Ill check my e-mail on her computer(she hates it when I change the default account and password, lol). I can play MS Flight X after she gets back and shows me her latest hiding spot for my screwdriver (that she is prohibited from taking out of my desk mind you!).
Lo and behold guess what e-mail I opened first?
Im not sure if this is a winning reason for winning a Craftsman ratcheting screwdriver but I figure that if she has a fancy new screwdriver she just might keep her hands off of my old favoirite one. Which by the way is also a Craftsman.

Purpie, If he shows up at a jobsite with a ratcheting screwdriver the old timer sparkies are going to have a field day teasing him. Get him a nice set of Klien wobblies. They are fairly cheap (as Klien tools go) and the old timers wont laugh at him.
I have two speeds. If you don't like this one..... You sure as hell won't like the next one!

Teaching someone that doesn't want to learn, is like teaching a pig to sing. It wastes your time, and it aonnys the pig.

Offline imzjustplayin

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I just realized that craftsman is just as good as other much more expensive tool makers at a fraction of the cost and I would like this to be my first craftsman tool I own. I also have a very small chest with just 1/4 ratchet and sockets, and nothing else.

Offline GiftedMama

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 :) I would like to win this Craftsman Ratcheting Magnetic Screwdriver
to give to My Hubby of course!

Offline jmadsenfam

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I spend more time grabbing for the correct screwdriver. It would be nice to have all the different sizes and types in one handy unit. Being magnetic is a huge plus as it means starting the screw is twice as easy and easy to retrieve if I drop it.

Offline bogart219

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I would love to win this Craftsman Ratcheting Magnetic Screwdriver :)

Offline PRM

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because it would be a great tool to have Members Only Giveaway!

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