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Greetings all! I found you in a Google search and was directed to the following link: (Open new window so you can read both).;prev_next=prev#new

I am NOT an HVAC man, but I have to do this installation myself.

In the thread above, there is mention that R-22 is being phased out. I can't afford to stockpile any, but do you expect there will be a shortage? (I'd hate to fix this problem only to have to replace everything in a year!)

Also, given that it takes just 2 soldering connections to install, (The company who installed the entire NEW system only 7 years ago, charged me $100.00 to tell me that "Well, it's broke!" I already KNEW that! Now they want over $1,400.00 to install the new pump. Due to my disatrous financial situation, I cannot afford that!

Will I loose the refrigerant when I change the pump out? If so, I can alway ask them to come by and re-fill it.

Is there anything special I should know about this seemeingly easy installation? I can solder copper water pipes, and this looks just like that is all I willl need to do to install it, 2 pipes and 4 base-bolts.

Also, I have found you all a better price than was mentioned at the other site...

Please visit: (I think it's a few bucks cheaper).

Any and all advise will be GREATLY appreciated! I am just recovering from (very expensive) surgery and can now finally fix the dang thing.

Copeland Scroll zr36KC-PFV-230

Your plumbing solder and torch will not braze the refrigerant tubing so that it will hold.
Acetylene torch and silver solder is needed.
You could push the refrigerant into the air handler and seal it off. You would still have to have access to a vacuum pump to evacuate the condenser side after the repair.
You should also install a filter drier on the high side line inside the condenser. Two more welds.

Wow! Well, so much for me doing it! I have buddies who are in HVAC....Maybe they can gie me a break.

Thanks for the heads-up! Especially aboout the filter drier on the high side line inside the condenser.

I'm wondering if it was a defective model to begin with.

I mean, only 7 years of service? C'mon! At 50 years old, and in construction for  25 of that, I have never had an HVAC problem! Even a house bought in 1964...didn't need the exterior unit replacement until 2002!

Thanks again for the great help!

~ Steve

Disregard the part about pushing the refrigerant into the airhandler. If you compressor is dead that won't work.
The refrigerant will have to be recovered.
What brand is this equipment?

It's a Copeland Scroll Pump in a Ruud Model UPKA-035JAZ exterior "box."



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