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Can anyone tell me what size unit this is ? Serial # 95C29862H. I replaced the coil inside (split unit) 3 ton coil.The coil make's excessive noise when starting and stopping.Could the unit's not be matched or was the line not evacuated proprerly/at all. The coil does not get cold all the way to the top.The old coil was old and clogged in spot's I could not get to.There was also a solid 20* temp  diff. where as now it is 17.5. I was an electrician for yrs and did property management so I know my way around a bit.Any help out there ?

copeland CR13-0290-PFV-230

29,000 BTU compressor  (2.5 ton)

What do you mean, "the coil is making excessive noise"? Is it the fan or the evaporator making the noise, and describe it, please.

And for heaven's sake, what did you mean by this comment:

--- Quote ---.Could the unit's not be matched or was the line not evacuated proprerly/at all.
--- End quote ---

Do you not know if you evacuated the system or not when you replaced the coil?
Did you change the liquid line dryer at the condenser, or better yet, add one at the evaporator?

Your condenser is 14 years old and most likely the compressor has bad reed valves, considering that the  inside coil was in bad shape and clogged. No doubt the low delta temps you are now getting is a result of  an inefficient compressor. Ordinarily a 2,5 ton compressor can handle a 3-ton coil as long as it is properly charged and maintained.

Still, you will only get 2.5 tons of cooling, which will effectively cool about 1500 sq. ft.

 What do I mean ?? The match between a 2.5 ton unit 3 ton coil. Do I hear the louder gas flow ( sort of a gurgling)because the coil is bigger than the condenser - was the line not evacuated all the way ( air in line)- not enough freon or is it normal to hear.It's not a background noise,you can hear the gas moving pretty good. I thought it should be quieter. Should I be getting a lower heat transfer than 20 or 17.5 or is  20 deg.the shooting piont. Again the copper running on the outside of the coil does not get cold all the way to the top.Does the 2.5 not hold enough gas for the 3 ton coil is that why ? I'm not an expert that's why I'm here.

I'd be glad to help you with this, but to do so, I would need to know the operating pressures on the gauges outside while the unit is cooling. Gurgling at the coil usually means an undercharge.

Was the system evacuated or not?
Was a new dryer installed?

If not, the least that should be done is to recover the freon, replace the existing liquid dryer or install one if none are present, then pump the whole  system down to -28 psi for 5 minutes. New freon should be added when recharging and the suction  pressures should be between 68 and 74 psi when the system is operating efficiently.

There's more to this than just changing parts.



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