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Kenmore 665 dishwasher chopper assembly cover


I can't get the cover off the chopper assembly of my kenmore 665 dishwasher(the middlen and top spray arms are not turning. I unscrewed the only torx screw i could see. Is there something else i'm missing?


Model 665.16349301


Sometimes they can be hard to pull up even after the screw has been removed.
If you are sure there is not another screw holding it down take a needle noise pliers and take hold of it in the hole that the screw come out of.

Give it a good pull and it should break loose.

If you could post the full model number that is listed on the dishwasher model/serial number tag I could look up a diagram for it to see if it's just one screw that holds yours down.

The full model number should be something like 665.XXXXXX

Take a look at the diagram in the attachment.

Top left side there is two number #7 screws holding down part #8 (chopper cover) and #9.

Make sure both screws are out and part #9 is removed too.
After you have both #7 screws out and part #9 removed there should be nothing else holding #8 (chopper cover) in place.


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