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2004 Kenmore Elite Calypso

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I had our washer stop in the middle of a cycle, it indicated a ld code "long drain" and  ob code "off balance" and so I have read up about what it could potentially be. I took the bottom off of it and took off the pump drain and cleaned it out I had a couple of coins and some small debris, I was expecting a baby sock cause we had two small kids but I put everything back fairly easy, but I noticed a small 1 inch rubber bushing type piece laying inside as well with markings FSA BA-20 & 8316773 on it and cannot for the life of me find out what it is or where it came from......know one has been able to tell me a part even I am when I start a load it fills but then when it is supposed to start up a spin cycle it just makes a loud humming noise......not good I suppose....I am willing to pay a tech to come out but I was wondering if I could make a quick inexpensive repair first.......anyone have any ideas?

Model 110.22062102

With the model number, all things are possible...

110.2206.2102 Kenmore Elite Series Calypso

There was a design improvement on the drain pump and motor assembly. It went from a 2-piece design to the current 1-piece unit shown below. If it were my machine, I would start with a new  pump.

Regarding the piece you saw fall out, it was likely something that failed within the  old pump. Unless you want to attach a picture of the piece, a description is not something we can go on to help you. Everyone has their own concept of what something looks and sounds like :)

Drain Pump Part # 285990

Al Capone:
I updated the topic to include the model number information, thanks.


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