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Whirlpool Dryer - Run, but does not heat.

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Model Number: LER5644AW0

This was a older dryer. I would guess over 12 years old.
I started the dryer to check it out and found it would run, but did not heat.
Did a quick voltage check and found I had the correct voltage (220-240Vac) going to the dryer.
Then I removed the back of the dryer and checked the thermo cut-off that is mounted on the left side of the heater case towards the top. I checked it with my ohm meter. It checked open, like a bad fuse. So I replaced it and the dryer once again would run and heat.

When you replace this thermo cut-out the replacement will enclude a second thermo cut-out. The extra thermo cut-out is located on the same heater case, but towards the bottom on the left side. You will need to install both of the thermo cut-outs to repair the dryer. If you only replace one of them it will go out again.

Thermal cut-off

AJ  Great advice    By the way the picture of the thermo cut outs is as follows:
left one is the operating thermostat that cuts in and out as the dryer runs and the right one is the High temp fuse
that will open if the temperature gets to high example:
if the operating one fails in the on position and the heater element stays on then the fuse will blow and shut off the dryer.
The fuse does not reset, it has to be replaced but you should always replace the operating thermostat as well.


  That is not the operating thermostat, it is the high limit thermostat. If it fails to do it's job, then the thermal cutoff will blow. The operating thermostat is located on the blower housing, not the heater box.


What about if the dryer runs fine but gets hot to the touch on the outside and everything checks out fine when i test all the sensors and the element?

Air flow problem.


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