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Replacing my Broiler element

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I have the new element but I got distracted in the middle of removing the original one.  I can see that the one wire goes to one terminal I can remember that.  One other wire is the one that connects to the bake element so I assume that goes to the other terminal.  Then there is the 3rd wire I am assuming it is a ground but could be wrong.  What did it connect to?

Model JD14Y1DC

What colors are the three wires you are working with?

A green wire would be a ground wire.

In the attached picture the wire on the left is the red one.  The one on the right is black and also attaches to bake element.  The middle wire is also black and it is the one in question.

The 2 black wires go together on one side of the element. The single red on the other.

I am assuming you mean both blacks together and then add the terminal from the element on top and put the screw in.  This is how I thought it was all the time but was told no way 2 would hook to one terminal.


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