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Cheater cords for washer motors

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I picked up a couple of 1/2 HP washer motors, one is a single speed (P/N 6 2016640-14, Model S67PXHEH-7631) and the other a two speed (P/N 6 2016660-16, Model S68PXGCN-1002). I want to wire them to run a couple of old tools. I found this thread here:
Maytag washer motor  
and I found these diagrams:
Single speed maytag cheater cord
2 speed maytag cheater cord
I got the motors from a guy who rebuilds washers and he assures me they run and they appear to be in very good condition.
But I started with the single speed and I have managed to throw the breaker, but little else. It's immediate, like a dead short.
An assumption I am making - the colors mentioned in wiring are the colors of the wires leading into the motor. The little junction box they connect to has some colors listed on the face, but they don't always match up with the wire. Another assumtion I am making is that I use that box to make connections and that only the two tabs that are side by side are connected to each other.
The cords I am using are brand new two prong tool replacement cords (like for a drill). I have done this sort of thing before with other motors, but they had wiring information directly on the motor, this one does not.

The single speed has these wire colors: Blue, White, Red, Yellow and Black
The 2 speed motor has these: Purple, orange, white, red yellow and black.

I want to run the 2 speed at high speed.

I know about reversing the start winding to go in the other direction.

I have a cheap little multi-meter but I am not incredibly well chooled in its use, so if you ask me to check something pleas be explicit about what setting to use and whatnot.


On the two speed motor to make it turn in the agitate direction, connect 2 leads from one side of the cheater cord to the BlacK and Blue terminals, the other side of the cord to the Yel and Red terminals.

To reverse direction the cord leads will  go to Red and Black on one side of the cord and Blue to Yellow on the other.

Use only the color terminals marked on the motor switch, do not go by the actual color of the wires in the motor, as they vary. This is why Maytag always puts a color dot over the proper terminal. The diagrams of both your cords are self-explanatory. In some cases, gray may be shown as blue.

Well, I am not sure that will work.

I noticed I got the links backwards in my first post.

Here is the single speed cheater cord diagram.

And here is my motor wiring block:

No blue!

Now, here is the two speed diagram.

Here is my motor wiring block:

Nothing on Brown.

To be clear, when I said "no blue" and "no brown", I meant the tabs marked as those colors on the wiring block have no wires from the motor attached.

my running monologue continues...

DOH! I took apart one of the wiring blocks and saw they are not just simple jumpers. I wired the 2 speed for "normal agitation" even though it loked like I was wiring to nothing in one spot and it runs like a champ in the right direction for my jointer. I will try the single speed again later...


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