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Whirlpool Buit-In Oven - No heat


Model Number: RBS305PDT14

I found you could set the temperature on the oven, but the bake element would not come on.
At first I thought it maybe just a bad bake element, but then I tried the broiler.
I could set the broiler to come on, but the broil element also did not heat. In fact everything on the oven clock seem to work ok, but I could not get the bake or broil element to come on. They told me it stopped working after they ran a self clean cycle.

I removed the oven from the wall and took the back panel off. There is a high limit thermostat (Thermister) on the back of the oven. I checked it with a ohm meter and it checked open, bad just like a bad fuse.
Installed a new high limit thermostat (Thermister) and the oven worked.



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