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Price Pfister kitchen faucet


My mom's kitchen faucet has a leak where the spicket meets the sink and it runs out into the sink. Is there a cartridge in this one or just O rings and little round washers? This one has a single lever to control hot and cold. I want some opinions before I get started. I ain't worth a dayum at plumbing. Faucets aggrevate the hell outta me. A 350 pound old man oughta not have to bend ova backwards under a dang sink. These brain dead son-in-laws I have ain't got a clue neither. One thang is fer sure. We ain't got plumber money. I need Richard from this old house.

Nah, you just need  Jimbo, from thisoldappliance (dot com) :)

There's a repair kit for this which includes  2 new valve seats and 2 new springs for the seats, plus two o-rings for the faucet arm shaft. It also includes a new diverter valve in case it has the sprayer. Most Tru Value or Ace Hdw carry them.

There's a small Allen screw under the handle to get you started. Once the handle is off, use your channellocks to unscrew the cap to reveal the ball and seats. The faucet arm will lift off at this point and you can replace the o-rings and diverter valve at that time. Use clear silicone lubricant (paste) when  re-installing.

You don't even have to bend yore big self's all done from the countertop (send the brat under the sink to shut off the water)

Here's a good link to see some PP parts:

RM I have taken the handle off mom's price pfister kitchen sink.Their is a plastic ball that looks like it screws out. What do I do ? Try and unscrew it? Is this the only thing I need to replace?

JW, under that plastic ball will be 2 black seats with tiny springs under them. This is all part of the repair kit for that type of faucet. I suggest you take the innards to ACE or a plumbing store for comparison.

Well I fixed my moms sink. Both the kitchen and the bathroom sinks I fixed. Parts costed 50 bucks. The kitchen faucet has a plastic nut you remove, and under it is a cartridge. The nut was I mean hard as hell to come off. A new nut and cartridge was 33 bucks. The bathroom had a kit with 2 cartridges 16 bucks. I asked the guy down at faucet parts of America how much a plumber would charge to fix this stuff and he said $75 an hour plus parts. I might just have been in the wrong profession.Hell i knew plumbers made good money but Dayum it boy! :D :2funny: :tickedoff:


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