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I have a Kenmore Ref. that runs constantly. I hear it stop and defrost once a day but then it never shuts off anymore. Today I haven't noticed if it has stopped for the defrost or not. It has been doing this for about a week and a half . I put a ref. thermometer in it yesterday to see how cold it was and the ref section is 40 degrees and the freezer section is 30 degrees. Today I set the freezer control for colder but it hasn't helped. It is still the same temp and constantly running.

I have had this ref. for nearly 26 years and it has never had a problem. What do you think it could be? Also if you think I would be better off buying another one what brand do you suggest? I know whatever I get will not last like this one has.

Thanks for your help.
Model# 106.8619612

BTW-I keep the coils underneath cleaned with a coil brush and then blow that out with an air tank so it gets out all the lint. I do this 2 times a year so I don't think it is because the coils are dirty. Plus the fan underneath is running and the fan in the freezer is running also. It makes no noises. Just runs all time.

First, look and see if there is any frost on the back wall of the freezer. Can you hear the fan working in the freezer? Check and see if the fan motor by yhe compressor is working.

Yes the fan by the compressor is running--if it is the one on the side that blows air out the bottomfront of the grill?

The fan in the freezer is blowing like it always has. The only difference now is that used to sometimes when you opened the freezer there would be fog or smoke(cold air) blowing out and now you don't see the fog but it is blowing cold but only to 30 degrees(freezer)

By frost on the back wall of the freezer you mean on the inside of the freezer wall-right? There is no frost anywhere inside it. The ice in the bucket is still damp but it hasnt made any lately. Guess it isn't cold enough for the ice maker to work. To hear it running you would think nothing is wrong cause it sounds fine, it is just not cold enough any more.


OK, Remove the back wall of the freezer. You'll probably have to remove the ice maker first. Look at the eveporator coils. There should be a thin layer of frost on all the coils from top to bottom. Another thing to check is the light in the freezer and in the refrigerator. Make sure they turn off when the door is closed.  A 40watt light bulb would give off enough heat to cause that problem. Feel the condensor coils under the refrigerator. They should feel warm. Let me know what you find.

I haven't taken the back off the freezer yet but will later today but I did check the lights. They go off as you are closing the doors. I also took the front off and felt of the coils underneath. They are cool--maybe the layer on the top might have been barely warm. Seems like they felt like they were kinda vibrating when you put your hand on them. Not like shaking but just felt like something running. That fan under there is definately on as is the freezer fan. It is 40 degrees now in the freezer and the stuff is thawed/thawing. I can move that to a deep freeze though. I had been leaving it cause I have read it is better to have a freezer full than not?.
I will let you know about the back wall or can you make a diagnosis from this before I go to the trouble of taking all that out?.


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