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How do I discharge the diode?

Model UMV1152BAP

Al Capone:

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What is the brand and model number of your microwave?

You microwave will run,  but not heat?

--- Quote ---How do I discharge the diode?
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You don't discharge a diode.

You do want to discharge the high voltage capacitor.

This is how I discharge a high voltage capacitor.

First unplug the microwave.

Then take a large screw drive and short both terminals to the side of the cabinet and then to each other.

If you get us a model number we can try and find you a service manual.


--- Quote from: ThunderScout on March 30, 2009, 07:42:00 AM ---How do I discharge the diode?

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be VERY CAREFULL  when dealing with the high voltage on a microwave

A diode does not hold a charge. What it does is repel electricity.
The problem that occurs with a diode is if it bleeds the power through to the chassis. That is a short. Here is how it works: the transformer is powered up, the juice from it get forced fed directly into the capacitor and diode on its way to the magnetron  tube. As the power hits the diode it gets bouced back quickly. The job of the diode is cause an agitation effect. The capacitor holds the charge that you asked about. It will knock fire from your butt if you ain't careful. A high voltage, highly agitated beam is tossed into the microwave and as those atoms within any object you place in the microwave get hit by that beam, that diode reverses the flow from that beam a billion times a second. This action produces friction and this friction produces the heat within the object.


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