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Amana 80 SSE Air Command Gas Furnace

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Mom's 3 year old is misbehaving. I turn on the thermostat and hear a click but the DI motor Does not come on or the ignitor as usual. The board is doing 3 blinks. When I checked the manual it says open DI switch, DI goes constantly. The  dang DI(draft inducer) motor does not run at all. All the rollouts are good and the safety. I have the schematic and manual. Everything points towards a bad board. Have I overlooked anything?


You said the DI "does not run at all" then you said the "DI runs constantly",which is it?
Constantly or not at all?

The DI does not run. The trouble shooting manual says 3 blinks mean the fan runs constantly and the pressure switch is OPEN. But the motor does not run at all.I have 120 to the board and 24 volts because of the audible clicks when i turn it on. The board just don't power the fan. But it might be a damn rollout switch somewhere I have overlooked.

On the stat try the fan on position. Goes that run the fan?

Yeah the fan runs in the ON position. I have 24 volts


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