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LG gas dryer wont heat

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Dlg diag for valves

It's one of these (2) wired in series on the duct

one of them MAY have MANUAL reset button

the other one is automatic reset

as shown on page 16 of the service manual

M220  6931EL3004B 

M230  6931EL3003C

Here is the Schematic of the dryer.    where should I begin

Do you have the meter set for DC volts when you are live testing? Are you measuring between both leads to each coil and not to ground? What is the resistance of each coil?

I am unplugging the coil and testing in the plug....I am hoping this is correct..I get around 32 volts on the test....Per the manual that I am taking these measurments in AC...

the coils are ohming out to about 1700


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