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F&P Appliances Goes to 35-Hour Week to Save Jobs

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--- Quote from: jumptrout51 on March 28, 2009, 04:27:17 PM ---Makes a helluva lot more sense than the Obama plan.

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They already live the plan. New Zealand is Socialist.


--- Quote from: LowSL2 on January 18, 2013, 09:27:05 AM --- If you're handed a $hit sandwich and have to make it edible, I'm sure it would take at least 8 years...

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'Specially if you keep wipin' your a$$ with everyone's bread!   :rofl:

Remember it's Congress who allocates how much and where money is spent not the Pres. why do you think they have such a bad rating?

I don't have much use for them either!

The bulk of the gov't is under the executive branch.  The bulk of the money spent by gov't is in the executive branch.

If we could dump the executive branch, we'd save a bit of green.

Democrats had full majorities in both the HOUSE and SENATE as well as the OVAL OFFICE for two full years.

No budget (a constitutional requirement)

No bigoted/bad republican to stand in the way of things.

No budget.

ObamaCare/take-over of the health care industry is pushed through without a single republican vote (remember this in the future--when it's working as well as other great gov't programs).

What's it been now??? four years?


Try doing this at home or work---forget balancing the checkbook---keep spending till hell freezes over.


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