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GE Self Cleaning Oven doesn't work


We set the oven to clean on both selector knobs, set the stop time for +3 hours and move the locking lever over. Oven heats up, but cleaning light never comes on, lock never latches. Oven never comes up to full temp. Obviously oven doesn't clean.
Any ideas?
It would be outstanding if I could get a repair manual for this unit to troubleshoot the cleaning circuit.
Thanks for any help!

Model JBP24GK

It would be outstanding, but I doubt there is one handy...

The problem lies in the door latch mechanism, as it is comprised of several switches that must make contact before the  clean cycle can commence. You will find the wiring/mini manual inside the top control panel once you drop the front or take off the top.

Sometimes the door lever can become slightly out of alignment with the slot that must be mated for the switches and latch to lock. I will sometimes push the lock lever the other way (left) causing the mounting bar to bend slightly. Then try the lock again. Sometimes this will tweak it just far enough to throw the latch. If not, it's internal with the door lock assy.


I will try that today. Appreciate the nearly instant response.

I checked the latch and it seems to be engaging ok.
I dug into it more, removed the top and drip pan and got to the latch assembly.
2 micros there test out ok with a VOM, but the solenoid coil is open. Do I assume then the solenoid coil is burnt out?
Anything else to check beyond that?

Thanks for the help!

If it were me, since I found what I suspected was an open coil and wanted to prove it, I would either attach my voltmeter leads to the solenoid terminals and look for 120 volts when the oven is locked or set to clean, or I would put my trusty 120 volt test cord on it and test is like that.

To make a test cord:
Use any old lamp cord and put a couple of crimp-on spade terminals on it to match the solenoid.


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