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I have printed the form 9081299-01 service parts manual but I need the Diagnostics manual. A friend is calling me and I am trying to explain over the phone what to check. So far he has cleaned the condenser and ran some nickleguard through the machine. It was working fine till last week. He says the hot gas solenoid has continuity. Ice forms on the evaporator but it will not harvest. He is checking the bridge switch right now and I do not know the status of that. Next would be the timer assembly right?


Check the water inlet for leaking.

enter the model number in the search box.

JW, Go to that site, they have a good service video that explains the whole system of operation.

My buddy Nate ordered a timer from Johnstone supply and installed it to day. I have not heard from him so I guess that dog is back in the hunt.


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