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Are there any good Maytag technician in the Southern California area?

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--- Quote ---but, after I agreed to the estimate he starts telling me that his hands are there could be more cost
--- End quote ---

His hands are big!?
What did he mean by that?

--- Quote ---It is people like him that give the Appliance Business a bad name.
--- End quote ---

Sad, but true.

--- Quote ---A good technician was recently terminated not for poor workmanship, but rather low replacement parts revenue. Told he was not selling enough to pay him and have a fully stocked truck on the road.
--- End quote ---

Let me guess, he worked for sears.

 O0 O0 O0 Yep Sears

Mr Repair-man

Thank you for the referral list.  I contacted Johnnie's Maytag. When I called to schedule app't.....the owner actually spoke to me, listened to my explanation of the problem from the beginning (F9 code) to the now blank control panel.  He called me back with the availibility date for the clock.  He explained the clock is the brains of the range.  But, he's sending a techinian out to verify that the clock is the problem.

Your referral of Johnnie's Maytag, and the input from other technicians on this site has re-affirmed my faith in service technician.  I appreciate ALL your help.  

Seemingly, you, others here & Johnnie's Maytag believe in honesty and fairness when it comes to the customer.

Have a great day & continue to help others like me that need an honest repair-man.

 :) My Dad had an expression "Treat your customer with honesty and dignity, or tommorow they will be someone else's customer".


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