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Are there any good Maytag technician in the Southern California area?

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This afternoon I had a service technician out to repair my Maytag range.  It had a F9 code & the oven door wouldn't close.

The F9 & door were the ONLY thing wrong with the range.  He walked in...started pushing all control pads.   Long story short..I agreed to the estimate ~ wrote a check towards the deposit & then he wanted to add to the estimate.  I was uncomfortable with that & said thank you but no!!!

Hours later...the F9 code doesn't appear any longer, the oven door closes....but the control panel is completely blank.  I tried to set the clock & the word OFF appears.

I'm afraid to call another technican..because of the experience I had this afternoon.  Are there any good technicians in the Long Beach area that someone could recommend??

Thank you!

Model MGR5770ADB

Contact me via my webb site.  :)

Long story shorter...what was the estimate for?

You understand that the F-9 indicates a failed door latch assy.

For a good servicer in your area, click HERE

Mr. Repair man:

THANK YOU so much for your referrals.  I will call Dirksens today.  I feel confident that I'll be able to get a fair estimate and quality work. 

You asked about the estimate...the total was $319.00 ~ it was for a new door lock latch but, after I agreed to the estimate he starts telling me that his hands are there could be more cost & even though he told me there was nothing wrong with the control panel ....there is a chance that he'd find something else that would cost more.  was VERY uncomfortable with that I cancelled the work immediately.

l'm very new to the internet & forums such as this....hopefully you will get my reply & know that I appreciate you research.  Have a good day.

 >:( It is people like him that give the Appliance Business a bad name.
Another is the "sales" company. A good technician was recently terminated not for poor workmanship, but rather low replacement parts revenue. Told he was not selling enough to pay him and have a fully stocked truck on the road.


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