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If the panel is blank then that is probably a loose power wire.

Thank you for your help.  I've scheduled a service call for tomorrow 3/26.

I contacted a service company that was on a referral list sent by one of the technician on this site.  The company I chose was beyond helpful...and the owner actually listened to the problem beginning with the F9 code to the now blank panel.  He even called for verification that the clock was available.  Apparently, the clock is the brains of the range.

The owner is sending an technican out 3/26 to verify the problem is actually the clock.

You've been helpful & I appreciate it alot.  Have a great day!


--- Quote ---He even called for verification that the clock was available.
--- End quote ---

For what its worth the factory part number for your oven clock is, 74008102

You can enter the part number in the parts search box on the left to check the price.

Please keep us updated on how the repair goes with your new appliance repair technician.


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