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My range has a F9 code + beeping.  I pressed CANCEL but the F9 + beeping returned.  I've unplugged & waited.  The oven door latch will NOT allowed the oven door to close.

The control panel is fine...clock works.  But, the oven door still will not close.

I really need help....thank you in advance.

Model MGR5770ADB

Granny check out this previous post about an F9 woe

Mr. Webster ~ I appreciate your reply. 

I'm more confused than before.  I plugged in the range...used the front burner to cook something to eat.

The oven door NOW opens & closes....NO F9 code or beeping....but the now the control is completely blank.  When I pressed the clock (to reset the time) .... all I get it the word OFF

I'm so confused.  What do you suggest???

reset the breaker


--- Quote from: JWWebster on March 25, 2009, 12:07:05 AM ---reset the breaker

Mr. Webster.  I did....still blank panel.  But, at least the oven door closes  :)

Thank you ...You've been helpful & patient and I appreciate it.  By any chance do you know any honest technicians in the Long Beach, CA area do you???? :-\
--- End quote ---


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