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maytag gas oven


dale moore:
the self clean function fires up but the oven won't heat up

Model crg9800cab

It stopped working after you self cleaned it?

dale moore:
no i did not clean it, i just wanted to see if the ignitor worked

dale moore:
am i doing this right?

If the oven does not heat during the bake cycle or the self clean I would check the oven ignitor.

98% of the time when I check a gas oven for a no heat problem it's just the ignitor.

The way to check the ignitor you will need to use a clamp amp meter to see how many amps it draws.

If you do not have a meter to use then about all you can do is to replace the ignitor and try it.

Ignitor Factory Part Number: 12400035

Use the parts search boxs on the left side of the site to search the part number to find the best price.


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