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bosch oven doors


model # hbl755auc, do these doors just come right off the hinge?? There seems to be a lever to push up on the hinge itself do I just than forcefully lift out door? I have to change the control board and the screws to remove from wall r right behind the door YUK  jpg if there any way to get a wire schematic on this oven???


I took a look at the HBL775AUC Parts Diagram to see if I could tell how the doors come off, but they were not any help.

Could you post a photo of the door hings?

I have never worked on a bosch myself, but maybe they will be like another brand of door hinges.


--- Quote ---is there any way to get a wire schematic on this oven
--- End quote ---

I have not found one yet, but if you get the oven out and apart you may find one inside or on the back of the oven.

by looking at the parts diagram i think the lever holds the hinge open, there is a slot in the door the hinge slides into, above that hinge there is a single screw, remove that one screw on each side then lift on door while the lever has the hinge locked in place

when i say lift door, i mean the door should slide off the hinge while the entire hinge assembly stays in place


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