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GE stovetop fire - worth salvage?

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My neighbor had a grease fire on their stove top and replaced the microwave and oven combo and are tossing out the microwave and oven since they were a set (the microwave got toasted).  It has a ceramic stove top and would be an upgrade over mine.  She hasn't used it since the fire and doesn't know anything about it.  The only thing I can visually see is the stove top is scorched, but it rubs off.  No damage to the controls or oven.  This is a freebee so is there any damage I should look for that might not make this worthwhile?

Model J BP66D0M2BB

Can you find the model number inside the lower door so we can see it too?

Model number:  J BP66D0M2BB

I took some pictures, the control unit where the clock and controls are will need to be replaced because it is melted.  What do I need to get for this.  The surface is rough  around the big burner, but is fine everywhere else.  Do I need to replace this part too?

The overlay on the clock which is melted is called the "Faceplate Graphics" in GE terminology, and carries a part number of WB27T11005. I can't find it anywhere, but good luck if you can, because the damage appears to be mostly  cosmetic.

The stuff behind the face is damged too, none of the buttons work.

Also does the cooktop need to be replaced or can it be fixed (or used as is)?


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