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Maytag Gemini Temp Sensor Problem


I have an electric Gemini Oven
The temperature sensor in the oven(s) often go bad when I run the self cleaning mode.

This is a very expensive problem.  I have changed about 5 sensors so far.  Is there a recall or technical bulliten or something I do not know about.    

Model MER6770AAB


If you could post your model and serial number I could do some research and see if there has been anything.

The basic information always helps

Model   MER6770AAB
SERIAL  10543218WM

I have lost the top oven 3 times and the bottom 2, including the factory installed equipment that totals 7 sensors that have failed.  We do not bake on high temperatures. This last time both sensors failed after cleaning the oven. 

Any thoughts? 

The oven operates very well otherwise.   

I searched on your model nuber at the Maytag Service Library site and did not see anything about a temp sensor problem.

I have never heard of such a problem with any oven temp sensor going out so many times.


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