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Kenmore Dryer Model 110.76660100 Heater wires burned


Got this dryer free from a friend, he wasn't sure what was wrong with it. First, it has the old standard 3 prong plug, my apartment has the outlet for a 4 prong, How should I go about changing the plug out, is it good to do this?
Then the main problem is scorched/burned wires. The heater element checks out ok, but the wires that are plugged into it are scorched. There is no link buildup, and nothing else appears to be burned or melted.
There are 2 thermal switches on the vent and 1 one the heater box, could these have anything to do with this? I'm not sure how to check them to see if they are working.


You will need to replace the dryer cord, not the outlet in the wall.
The new 4 wire dryer cord you will need to buy should have instructions with it.

--- Quote ---There are 2 thermal switches on the vent and 1 one the heater box,
--- End quote ---

Chances are that the wires that burnt just need to be replaced.
If the dryer was getting to hot one of the thermo fuses would have blown.

I would repair the wires, replace the dryer cord with the four wire cord and try it.

You can check the dryer temp at the vent on the back of the dryer when it's running. Should be around 145-165 deg. F

the 4 wire pigtail(cord) has 2 grounds(white and green) the wite wire goes to the middle terminal on the block the red wire hooks to the side that has a red wire going into the dryer the black wire goes on the black side. The green wire connects to a green screw on the dryer and acts as chassis ground. The wiring instructions may be on the back of the dryer also. The wires on the heater get burned over time. a 2 wire kit can be bought at an appliance parts outlet for about 5 bucks.


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