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I bought this washer new about five years ago.  I don't know the model number because I can't find the tag.  During he spin cycle, once it gets to spinning really fast it starts to squeal REALLY loud.  Kind of reminds my of a train locking its brakes.  As it slows down, it seems to get higher in pitch.  At least until it almost stops.  The neighbor's dog does not like me right now.  I don't know what is wrong with it and don't particularly know where to start looking.  Can anyone please help?  Thanks.


The first think I would check is the drive belt.

Try looking for the model number tag on the inside of the washer lid or maybe above the timer or someplace along the side.

If you can find a model number I could pull up a diagram and see just what your working with.

I had a same problem.The fix is easy,clean the ball hitch thoroughly and apply some grease on it.That's it.
Hopefully that will help.


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