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Moen kitchen faucet

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Yall I am so pissed i could have a  cow. I spent the majority of the afternoon working on dripping faucets around the house. I was able to replace the seal in the toilet and stop that one but I had no luck with my kitchen sink. I took my cartriige out and use plumbers grease on it. and re installed it. I have a spare one also. Neither of which I can get to stop from dripping. Have any of you brainiacs ever flucked with a dayum Moen faucet?  :tickedoff:

replace the cartridge ...

The one I have in there I put in last year. How often do you replace them? The cartridge was 30 bucks. Am I gonna need to buy one every yer? Screw that. I will go to ace hardware and get a whole new el cheapo faucet.

technically they have a lifetime warranty... and should last a long time, unless you've used non-silicone lube or have some funky water ...

depending on the faucet model, they sell the plastic version cartridge for about $12

Who would sell the plastic insert. Do you know an online source? The only peeps close to me that even have moen parts is Faucet parts of America and they want $30 bucks. Ace hardware dont have it.


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