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Whirlpool washer LSQ9010KQ0...Can't seperate Agitator

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Matt F.:
I am trying to replace the dogs in my washer and I can't seem to seperate the clothes mover from the bottom part of the agitator.  I watched the video and have been pulling on it like crazy, is there any trick to it?  Thanks, Matt

Model Number: LSQ9010KQ0

Hi Matt,

Once you have the agitator removed from the washer the two parts should just pull apart.

Matt F.:
I have the agitator unit out and have been stepping on it and pulling as hard as I can.  I even had my wife hang on to one end and we both tried yanking it apart.  My next thing is going to be hook it to a tree and try to pull it apart with my truck!  Any suggestions before I destroy this thing!  Thanks, Matt


--- Quote ---My next thing is going to be hook it to a tree and try to pull it apart with my truck!
--- End quote ---

Make sure you take a video of that for us to see or at least some photos.  :2funny:

I have never not had one pull apart for me, so not sure what to tell you.

If you have a fabric softener dispenser on the top of that agitator and used it, maybe some of the fabric softener got down between the two parts making them stick together.

Matt F.:
Well I got them apart and no I didn't use the truck.  We got a foot of snow today so it would have been too hard to get to a tree with the truck.  So I hooked it to the bucket of my front end loader and used the hydraulics to pull them apart.  Amazingly I got them apart with out breaking them.  Once I got them apart, I noticed the 4 prongs that slide into the cam had melted or somehow welded themselves together...They came apart with very little damage so I think I can reuse everything and just replace the worn out dogs.  I flipped one dog over for a temporary fix, seems to work fine, it sticks out just a bit further and pushes the other three slightly closer to get a grip...Oh and no pictures of the front-end loader pulling them apart, if I didn't have a foot of snow to clear from my 1/4 mile long drive I would of taken some.  Thanks, for the replies, Matt. 


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