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Amana Microwave poping Thermostat


I have a customers microwave that keeps blowing the Thermostat (53001437 ) causeing the machine to go completly dead.  I checked the machine for shorts, didnt find anything.  I did notice @ the house there was reverse polarity in the outlet it was pluged into, and thats where i changed out the thermostat to begin w/ and it blew instanly. I jumped the wires out and then power does come on.  Do you guys no where i should look first, or should i just order another thermostat and see if the outlet was the problem...and by the way this machine has been in there for quite a while on the same outlet.

Model AMV5206AAB

correction to the model #. AMV5206AAB O0

3 things I always look for in a nuke box.
Bad cap
bad diode
bad mag.
 You say all of them check good?


--- Quote from: schaffersapplian on March 04, 2009, 08:27:57 AM ---correction to the model #. AMV5206AAB O0

--- End quote ---

I corrected the model number information in the first post, thanks.

alas, the cap and diode was the problem, switched them out and she's working like new again! ;)


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