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Where is the defrost timer located?

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Please bare with me.  I am trying to find the problem myself and this is my first time working on a fridge.  My freezer is working fine but the fridge part is not cooling right.  It's not cool enough.  So right now I pulled everything out and unplugged the fridge completely.  I took off the back panel because I noticed frost buildup.  The coils are covered so it's manually defrosting with the doors open.  I can't find the defrost timer anywhere.  I am trying to find out what is causing it.  I did noticed the thermostat is completely covered with frost. I am not sure if it matters or not so if it does please let me know.  I have read that I need to check the timer first and see if that works before checking the defrost heater and thermostat. I appreciate any and all help.

Model TFX22PR

The defrost timer is located inside the control panel cover. Your off/on and temp control is there too. Inside the fresh food compartment.

Once the freezer is defrosted ohm the defrost heater. That and the defrost termination thermostat are most likely broken on this model.

Heater to be replaced as GE changed from a single element to a dual element as the single was inefficiently removing frost.  :)

Thanks guys for all the help.  I got to the heater and it's burnt out so looks like I need to replace it.  I appreciate your help! ;)

Replace the defrost termination thermostat at the same time or you may be back in there soon.


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