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Kenmore Coldspot side by side refrigerator


Our power was out for 6 days.  A day or so after it came back on I notice the fridge is not cooling well; then the freezer.  I cleaned condenser, etc. and then finally took evaporator shield off and see ice covering it. I unplugged the unit to defrost then plugged back in to see if it "magically" works again.  It froze over again so  I manually rotate clockwise the defrost timer til it shut unit off.  This activated the defrost heater element and defrosted the evaporator coils.  Slowly they froze over again so I figured I need a new defrost timer, went to Sears got a new one and replaced.  It has a black wire that goes over one of 4 wiring connector prongs. (this is for more than one model so it can be connected a couple different ways] I'm guessing it goes on the one labeled "1" but although the instructions state to check the wiring diagram I can't find one in the manual or on the fridge.  I feel it is the defrost timer but now I'm not so sure.  Anyone know where to get the wiring diagram or have any suggestions?  BTW; I can't get the heating element to come back on by rotating this one manually and also, that only worked on the old one, once.  Thanks in advance.

All I can do is give you the wiring diagram and wish you luck. Next time, ask us before replacing timers and such...

Get your OHM mter out and start checking those defrost components.

Wiring Diagram for this model


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