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Fridgidaire Dishwasher won't start dry cycle

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Our dishwasher has been working fine for maybe three years. It is used on a regular basis but the last two times we have operated it does not start the drying cycle.
The first part of the wash is fine and the rotary knob on the front goes around as it should until it reaches the 9 o'clock mark which is the end of wash cycle and the start of dry cycle. It will just sit there making noise which I believe is a washing sound. Its not a time issue as it will be like this in the morning if you started it running at bed time.
If you manually turn the knob around into the dry cycle it will carry on drying and finish the cycle.
After it did it again last night I did note about an 1" of water in the bottom. Maybe I turned the knob too far and missed the emptying signal?
I have removed the little removeable center chip trap and that was clear.
I have taken the drain hose connection off the waste disposal and that was clear.
The float switch in the fron corner spins, rises and falls freely.

The front of the machine is marked as "Ultra Quiet 111" but the manuals say 200, 500 700 series.

Any thoughts.


Model FDB750RCC03

Do you have any of the  extra functions selected, such as "Hi Temp Rinse" etc?

Hi-Temp Wash

The selector switch has a selection for Hi-Temp Wash; the switch is in parallel with a thermostat mounted on the bottom of the tub and with a contact in the timer. The
selector switch, temp assure thermostat, and the temp boost thermostat are all in series with the timer motor. Both thermostats are normally open thermostats. When
the timer reaches the end of the second wash cycle, the contact in the timer supplying power to run the timer motor will open. At which time, if the selector switch for the Hi-Temp Wash has been selected, power to run the timer motor must come through the thermostats. The temperature of the water in the tub must rise to 137 5 F for the thermostat to close and the timer motor to advance. If the water temperature is below 137 5 F, the timer will pause until the heating element raises the temperature of the water in the tub and allow the thermostat to close.

Hi-Temp Rinse
If the selector switch was a selection for a Hi-Temp rinse, the switch is in parallel with a thermostat mounted in the tub, and the contact in the timer, the same as the Hi-Temp wash. The operation for the Hi-Temp rinse will be the same as for the Hi-Temp wash with the exception, on some models, the temperature of the water in the tub will be 150 5 F for the thermostat to close to give a sanitizing rinse.

What do we learn from this? That you either have a bad heater or a bad thermostat. Check the heater for continuity with our OHM meter.

I must confess I didn't look too closely at the selector positions for previous run. I do remember that Hi temp rinse was on but I can't remember if Hi temp wash was on. However I made a note of the settings and ran again.
Hi temp wash on
Hi temp rinse off
Heat dry on.

This time the rotatary knob stalled halfway round the wash cycle. I presume that this was end of wash and start of rinse. After it was clear that the machine had stalled I turned the knob a little. The rinse cycle started, completed, then it ran a dry cycle and ended properly with no water in the bottom.

If this is an indication of a bad heater is it possible to test with an ohm meter without removing from the machine?
Finally is it possible to replace the heater with the dishwasher in situ?


If you like laying on yer back, remove the kick panel and kill the power. The element surely mounts on bottom of the tub. Take one of the wires loose and check for continuity. You will see a thermodisk down there in line with the heater it should be open but it aint dead its just cold. You gotta warm it up to 160 degrees to test it. I just drop it in the coffee pot for a few minutes and then check it. Makes the coffee taste better. LOL The timer won't  advance till that puppy gets hot enough to kill all the germs on the dishes. That is why you bought it. not to wash dishes but to sanitize them.

Thanks for the response, but you are in agreement that the problem lies in the heater rather than the thermostat?


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