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Fresh Food not cold


My parents have a GE side by side refrigerator which is about 5 years old. While it was under warrantee GE replaced the heater and defrost thermostat, about a year later I replaced the computer control in the back, it has been working fine until now. Last week they complained the milk was spoiling, the butter was soft, so I put 2 thermometers in there and the freezer was reading about 10 and the fresh food about 60. I noticed that the air wasnt coming out of the damper, so I removed it, i manually opened it up and about 5 minuted later it closed. Do you think the damper is bad? Also, my dad said the temperature lights which is set at 5-5 goes blank, he seems to think that the 5's always stayed lit, I called GE and they were unsure if the display stayed on all the time or goes out after the temperature is selected. Can you lead me in the right direction? Thank you


That damper just might be the solution. Is the freezer section kosher? the cold originates  from there.If the freezer is all good then the thermistically controled damper is probably malfunctioning amigo.
The thing is it may also be the thermister for fresh food is dirty or malfunctioning. The thermister reads a drop in capacitance when the temp changes in the fresh food compartment.If corrosion is on the board or the thermister OR if it is dirty or gunked up with your fave guacamolie surprise from last xmas then it cannot read properly.

I picked up a damper and thermistor assy. today. I also purchased an extra thermistor because I was told they do go, but he said there are 3 in the fresh food compartment, I have to read the mini manual to see how to diagnose them I guess? The freezer is working, but my Dad said it's only going down to about 10 degrees at times, but I think that's because there is no damper in there anymore, all the cold air from the freezer is going to the fresh food side, he said the air temperature goes down to 36 degrees in the fresh food at times, I will give it a shot. Thanks, I will keep you posted on this one.


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