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How can I find the manual for a Jenn Aire double oven?


Hello, I need the manual for a Jenn Aire double oven  model number uu30430B.  Bought in 1995. Can anyone help?  Thanks,  Bill Dukes :)

Hi Dukes,

I did a quick search and could not come up with any type of manual.

Are you looking for a service manual or just the owners manual?

Are you having some kind of trouble with the oven that we could help you with?

Hello, actually I would like not only the service manual, but also the schematics to both boards, and the wiring diagram of the entire oven assy.  Realistically that is not likely from my searches so far.  Here's the whole story, and maybe you can suggest the next step.  The clock display gradually went dimmer and dimmer over about 6 years, but everything continued to work just fine.  Not wanting to spend $150 on a new clock assy, we have worked fine for 4 years not seeing the control functions.   Recently my daughter thought she should operate the clean cycle, and then the oven stopped working properly.  It will go into a constant beeping mode, turn the heat on for about 5 minutes and then quit heating.  It does continue beeping however.   I checked the sensor probe and it is almost exactly 1100 ohms at 75 degrees.  Since the display is not working I do not know if any error code was thrown. Open to suggestions.  Thanks, Bill Dukes :)


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