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ITC Judge Rules in Favor of LG Electronics in Whirlpool Refrigerator Patent Case

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Whirlpool originally claimed that five of its patents covered LG refrigerators. During the course of the case, Whirlpool withdrew four of those patents prior to the trial.

LG Electronics is one of the fastest growing home appliance brands in the United States. "This decision proves that LG Electronics is truly a leader in providing innovative appliances for American consumers while promoting fair competition," said Y.H. Lee, president of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. Teddy Hwang, president of LG Electronics USA, Inc., added, "The judge's ruling reaffirms LG's strong position in the U.S. appliance industry."

After Whirlpool filed the ITC case, LG filed its own patent infringement cases against Whirlpool, now pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. In that consolidated case, LG seeks monetary damages and an injunction against Whirlpool products that it believes are covered by LG's patents. That case is scheduled for trial in March 2010.

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