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ett304b Dacor glass cooktop Random Beeping/Temp changes


This is a glass cooktop with touch controls.  Recently it has been beeping randomly when one or more burners are on.  Sometimes it will take control of a burner that is set on a low heat setting and increase the setting one stop at a time until it reaches max temp in about 2 to 3 seconds.  When the unit is completely off and locked out it stays locked out until unlocked just like it is supposed to do, so I feel reasonably secure that it will not turn itself on.  With the random beeping, it's annoying and I'm never sure that it won't raise the setting on its own.  I have to constantly watch the unit when cooking, making unattended simmering not an option.  

What is causing this?  Possibly the touch board or the power board?  Both of these are pricey in the mid $300 range.  Hoping for a simple solution. :)

Let's rule out a cheap repair...If you buy pricey stuff, expect to pay the fiddler later on.

If the comment about taking over a burner and increasing the temp points to one specific burner every time, I would say the touch board might be affected. If this occurs after the top has warmed up, it would be even more reason to think so, since resistance of the touchpad is obviously changing and the board is not keeping up. A fairly common problem with Dacor, it appears. Remember, if you order from Repair Clinic the part can always be returned for whatever reason.

If you can open the unit up, it may help to disconnect the ribbon cable from the top pad to the touch board and apply some WD40 to the terminals it plugs into, then re-attach. Sometimes resistance can build up between the contact points of the board where the ribbon meets.


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